Crystal compass 2015

Application campaign for geography and ecology award Crystal Compass coming to an end. So far organizing committee of the Award received more than one hundred applications.

"Crystal Compass" is the award in the field of national geography, ecology, conservation and promotion of natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia. 

It was instituted in November 2012 by Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society with the support of corporate association "Gazprom Kuban". The initiative was introduced to President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu and received his support.

Many interesting and bright projects from different regions of Russia are among the candidates for the award this year. For example - “Vertical 25000” - a joint project of the Russian Mountaineering Federation and regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society in the Chechen Republic dedicated to the development of mountaineering in one of the most hard to reach mountain regions of the world.

Application from St. Petersburg proposes the development of informational and educational web-portal on geography and tourism. Creators of the project suppose the portal to become a discussion stage for everyone interested in achievements of modern scientists specializing in natural sciences.

Winner of the Award will be decided by the jury composed of scientists, public figures, businessmen and statespersons of Russia: Vladimir Kotlyakov, Artur Chilingarov, Yuri Vorobiev, Nikolay Drozdov, Alexander Frolov, Oleg Aksyutin, Viktor Savinykh, Anastasia Chernobrovina, Vitaly Sundakov, Yuri Efremov, Sergey Dudko and others.

Application campaign for the award started on 16 November 2014 and will finish on 1 March 2015.