The Expedition Is Happening: RGS’s Circumnavigators Arrive On Easter Island

Евгений Ковалевский осматривает детали нового судна. Фото участников экспедиции

The participants of the round-the-world expedition of the Tomsk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society arrived on Easter Island. Here the crew will be preparing to continue their journey on a new vessel – an inflatable catamaran. Also, within the framework of the project, video footage will be shot, which will be used in documentaries and "Lessons from the Ocean".

Stanislav Berezkin and Evgeny Kovalevsky are preparing to continue the round-the-world expedition. On Easter Island, they are assisted by the head of the coastal staff, Yulia Kalyuzhnaya. Two more crew members – Egor Muzileyev and his dog Pasoka – went home to Brazil.

The former expedition vessel was lost in an accident in the Pacific Ocean. The crew fought  with the merciless elements until the end, but it was not possible to save the trimaran. However, now we can say with confidence that the journey will continue. The project was assisted by Russian navigator Dmitry Trubitsin, who traveled on an inflatable catamaran from Peru to Easter Island, where he left his vessel for storage. It is on it that Berezkin and Kovalevsky will go to sea again.


На острове Пасхи пасмурно. Фото участников экспедиции

“The island greeted us with torrential rain. The main and fundamental thing is the assessment of the catamaran. Its first inspection showed that it is in a very good condition. Some things require repair and renovation, but fundamentally the catamaran is suitable. The expedition is happening!” Evgeny Kovalevsky emphasized.

Easter Island made a huge impression on the circumnavigators. According to Kovalevsky, it is very quiet and peaceful there. This amazing place creates an energetically positive mood, which should help in preparing for the continuation of the voyage.