Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

The year 2023 will become history very soon. We hope it was full of bright events and realized ideas for you.

Crossing the threshold of the new year, 2024, we remember what was done in the previous 365 days, celebrate accomplishments, and think about future achievements.

We have no doubt that the coming year will be a year of good deeds and fulfilled hopes for you. The mission that unites us is extremely important, necessary, and interesting. And our great and beautiful country deserves to be explored and cherished. It is to be marveled at and be proud of every day.

The Russian Geographical Society congratulates everyone who shares our values, is motivated and ready for discoveries. We wish you health, energy, well-being, optimism, and best of luck in your good endeavors! May 2024 be a happy year for you!

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Executive Directorate of the Russian Geographical Society