Just 70!

Nikolay Kasimov. Photo by the press-service of the Russian Geographical Society
Nikolay Kasimov. Photo by the press-service of the Russian Geographical Society

When you look at this person, the numeral «70» seems to be excessively high: young, fresh, vigorous. When you read his achievement list – that numeral seems to be excessively small: he is an academician, a winner of numerous awards and honors… Though, much or little, but the fact remains – the 16th of May Nikolay Kasimov celebrates his 70th anniversary!

Almost all the biography of Kasimov is connected with his alma mater – the Faculty of Geography of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. He graduated from this university in 1968th – and protected the master's thesis in 1972nd – since that he has been working at the Department of Geochemistry of landscapes and soil geography. He is a Head of the Department. He had been a dean – from the year of 1990 – to 2015, that is really a quarter of a century! And what a quarter of a century! Those years were not easy for the Russian education – but at the same time there were open new Departments and educational programs at the faculty, and new branches of the University were founded in other countries…

Nikolay Kasimov nowadays – is a president of the faculty and adviser of the rector of the Moscow State University. He remains the leader of the national school of landscape geochemistry, he is a worthy successor of B.Polinov, A.Perelman, M.Glazovskaya. 350 publications, including 5 monographs are being the best evidence.

The activity of Nikolay Kasimov in the Russian Geographical Society is very efficient as well, where he oversees the questions of science, education, enlightenment, international projects, etc. The Grand Gold Medal of the Russian Geographical Society for scientific works was added in 2016 to the extensive list of awards of the First Vice-President of the Society: there are the Order of Friendship and four awards of the Government of the Russian Federation amongst them.

The Russian Geographical Society is proud of that Mr Kasimov has been a member of the Society for many decades. We wish the hero of the day good health, many years of fruitful scientific work, new students, and all the best!