Kyzyl-Kuragino 2015

Volunteer contest Expedition Kyzyl-Kuragino application campaign is now closed. Winners of the contests will go to the Republic of Tuva to take part in the fifth field season of the expedition.

Archaeological and geographical expedition “Kyzyl – Kuragino” is one of the largest projects of the Russian Geographical Society. Works in the territory of the railway, which will connect the Republic of Tuva with Krasnoyarsk Krai have been carried out for four year. There are monuments of different eras in this area – from the ancient sites of the primitive man to the medieval fortifications. The aim of the expedition is to ensure the preservation of cultural and historical heritage in the area of construction of the railway line.

Volunteers from all over the world participated in the expedition over past four years. For the duration of the expedition employees of the Russian Geographical Society deploy two field camps for the volunteers – The Valley of the Kings in the Republic of Tuva and Yermak in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

More than 1500 applications from 74 regions of Russia and from 39 countries were received for the contest. Some volunteers have been participating in the expedition since 2012 and submitted the application for the fourth time this year.

President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergey Shoigu announced the fifth season of Kyzyl-Kuragino expedition in August 2014 in HQ of the Society. “Today 80% of the total amount of archaeological work is completed; more than 150 mounds have been studied. Works in Kuraginsky and Yermakovsky districts of Krasnoyarsk Krai are to be finished, there is also a large amount of excavation remains in the Republic of Tuva”, - noticed Shoigu.

To participate in the contest one had to fill in the form at the Russian Geographical Society website. Applications had been received two and a half months, since 20 December 2014 until 1 March 2015. All the applications are being considered at the moment.

Winners of the contest will be announced in the beginning of April and notified about the results via email.