The Russian Geographical Society is 178 Years Old

Dear colleagues, friends, and like-minded people!

The Russian Geographical Society is 178 years old.

During this time, many large-scale and important events have taken place in the life of the Society, which have played a significant role in the fate of our country, predetermined its development and position around the world. Therefore, I can say with confidence that the history of the RGS is inseparable from the history of Russia.

Travelers, scientists, public figures – all of them have formed a unique community of enthusiasts in the field of geographical and related sciences, which is characterized by the atmosphere of healthy adventurism, scientific creativity, and thirst for discovery.

We carefully preserve the traditions of the Society and in our activities we rely on the intellectual basis that was created by our predecessors.

The Society began its expedition activity with scientific reconnaissance, as the Russian traveler Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky aptly noted. And now we are carrying out extensive and large-scale research using high-tech equipment.

This year, for the first time, we conducted an experimental "Geography Not-Lesson" aimed at popularizing geographical knowledge, launched four of our own tourist routes in unique and complex regions, carried out 19 federal-scale expeditions, received one third more works for another photo contest "The Most Beautiful Country".

I am sure that if the founding fathers were in our time, they would support us in all our endeavors.

In modern expeditions, we use the same maps as before, only more accurate. Instead of blind spots, there are geographical locations named after the discoverers. And every time we say their names, we pay tribute to our predecessors. This is the invisible connection of time periods!

The impressive results of our work inspire confidence. We see that we are able to achieve any goals we set. Of course, this is primarily the merit of the people who are united by the Russian Geographical Society.

A few years ago, August 18 became a double holiday for us, because now Geographer's Day is celebrated on this day.

In the modern world, geography is engaged in the study of not only natural, but also socio-economic systems. The importance of the geographer's profession is constantly growing, as they participate in shaping the sustainable development of our planet, laying the foundation for the future.

The holiday is celebrated by all specialists who are connected with geography and contribute to the popularization of this science both in Russia and around the world.

I wish you all bright emotions, self-confidence, exciting travels, and great curiosity. And most importantly – perseverance and determination in scientific research. May achievements and discoveries bring you sincere joy!

 President of the Russian Geographical Society

Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu