More than 600 scientists confirmed attendance for the IGU 2015

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17 August 2015 to 21 August 2015 г.

17-21 August 2015, Lomonosov Moscow State University will host International Geographical Union Regional Conference “Geography, Culture and Society for Our Future Earth”.

International Geographical Union, IGU is an international research association of geographers. The first International Geographical Congress was held in 1871, and subsequent meetings led to the establishment of the IGU in 1922. Today its members hail from over 100 countries, united in support of geographical research and education worldwide.

Dr. Vladimir Kolosov, from Lomonosov Moscow State University (LMSU) in Russia, is serving as president of the IGU from 2012 to 2016.

Geographical education and integration of young scholars will be central to each of the conference themes. The programme will include two special events: the day of young scholars, with a competition for best presentation and other awards, and special sessions entitled "Academic Geography for Secondary Schools" and "Teaching Geography in the University." IGU Moscow will also include the 2015 International Geographical Olympiad. Participating in IGU 2015 will become a major step in research career of many scientists.

Registration for the International Geographical Union Regional Conference “Geography, Culture and Society for Our Future Earth” (IGU 2015) opened on 10 November 2014. At the moment, number of delegates from Germany, Russia, the UK, Spain, China, India, Republic of South Africa, Israel, Greece, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the USA, New Zealand and many others overtopped 600. Delegates represent leading research organizations of the world: Sun Yat-sen University, Sheffield Hallam University, Kagawa University, University Paris Sorbonne, Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, York University etc.

Importance of the topic issues of the Conference plays a huge part in popularity of the Conference. Items that are essential in view of geopolitical and ecological problems take central stage. Delegates will share experience and results of their research works, discuss global conflicts and ways of resolving them, climate change, environmental quality in megalopolises and different aspects of geo-ecology.

Despite tense political background delegates from more than 90 national geographic societies are planning to attend IGU 2015. Moscow will host more than 1000 participants of the Geographical Union Regional Conference “Geography, Culture and Society for Our Future Earth” in August 2015. Scientists from all over the world are to ready to cooperate in support of research and education despite external forces. This testifies that open communication and tightening of cooperation is the best answer to modern global challenges.

It is planned that recognition, development and preservation of Arctic regions will receive special attention of the Conference. Complex research of the Arctic is one of the top priority lines in modern geography. Reports and discussions will allow summarizing the best world experience and making good progress in terms of in-depth and careful research of the Northern regions of our planet.

Attendees will also discuss different social and economic issues that always play a big part in IGU events. In the framework of the scientific program researchers will have a discussion on regional sustainability, city space environment conditions, international and domestic tourism, migration etc.

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