Самая красивая страна

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Радость. Фото: Павел Смертин
03 February 2020

The works of the the RGS photo contest participants are presented at the International Book Fair in Calcutta

Фото: Андрей Сидоров
25 January 2020

Is it true that you can only win if you have friends in the right places? And it is impossible to win with a picture taken on a cheap camera?

"Волшебные гроты Байкала". Фото: Наталья Бурмейстер, финалист V фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна"
13 January 2020

Residents and guests of the city will have opportunity to admire photos until February 14

Константин Лейфер. Фото: Алексей Михайлов
16 December 2019

Interview with the chairman of the jury of the RGS photo contest Konstantin Leifer

"Зацвели люпины". Фото: Дмитрий Головченко, финалист фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна глазами детей"
13 November 2019

Photos for the second photo contest "The Most Beautiful Country Through the Eyes of Children" are accepted until January 31