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Участники международного палеонтологического лагеря на раскопках. Фото: Михаил Денисов
18 July 2023

There are already interesting finds at the excavation site

29 June 2023

The project was organized by the RGS

06 June 2023

Introducing the best of the best

04 March 2023

You can become a member of the team until March 19

В деревне Пхуктонг, штат Нагаленд, экспедиция РГО познакомилась с мастерами-оружейниками. Фото: Леонид Круглов
27 January 2023

Ethnographer Daniil Butorin tells about the most unusual discoveries that the RGS’s expedition made in the state of Nagaland