Congratulations from the Cyprus Geographical Association




Dear colleagues, greetings from Cyprus,

the island where the goddess Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty) was born according to the Greek mythology.

On behalf of the Cyprus Geographical Association I express my warm congratulations to the Russian Geographical Society, which is celebrating the 175th anniversary since its foundation in 1845.

We are delighted that the Russian Geographical Society celebrates its anniversary on the same day with  Geographer’s Day, thus joining its voice with the voices of geographers worldwide, in order to achieve the common goal, which is the promotion of the discipline of geography.

The Cyprus Geographical Association is committed to this goal, and that is the reason why we willingly accepted the proposal of the Russian Geographical Society to develop a fruitful cooperation.

The Cyprus Geographical Association is a non-governmental non-profit organisation founded in 1968.Despite the fact that it is a small organisation with very limited financial resources, the Association conducts a lot of events. Inter alia, it has published a series of books including the premium edition of “The Geography of Cyprus” and the bulletin “Geographical Chronicles”. The Association is a member of the International Geographical Union and participates in a number of its activities.

To the Russian Geographical Society, which is a large and successful organisation with a rich activity background, we wish every success in achieving its goals.

President of the Cyprus Geographical Association,  Panayiotis Argyrides