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14 марта 2022

The Holiday of the North is a competition in winter sports held in the Murmansk region annually in early spring. The opening ceremony of the Holiday of the North was held on March 5 at the Trade Unions Central Stadium in Murmansk

18 февраля 2022

The badge and certificate are awarded to those who have crossed the Arctic Circle on a motorcycle and visited the most important locations of the Kola Peninsula

16 февраля 2022

The sailing boat “Konek" took part in an ecological expedition

16 февраля 2022

A new mountain on Novaya Zemlya was discovered at the beginning of the XIX century and named after the first Russian navigator who circumnavigated our planet on a ship, Ivan Kruzenshtern. However, there is no Mount Kruzenshtern on modern maps. The scientific director of the Complex Expedition of the Northern Fleet and the RGS, Colonel Sergei Churkin, proposed to return the the highest point of Novaya Zemlya its name. The set of documents was approved by the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly of Deputies and sent to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

15 февраля 2022

You're welcome to take part in the contest until April 30