The Commander Islands 2018

Photo by: Dmitry Utkin
Photo by: Dmitry Utkin

The Russian Geographical Society would like to invite volunteers aged 18-35 from all regions of Russia to submit for participation in an expedition to the Commander Islands (Komandorskie Islands). The expedition will take place from July 1 to September 30 on the territory of Komandorsky Nature Reserve.

The Komandorsky Nature Biosphere Reserve named after S. V. Marakov was founded April 23, 1993. It is the largest marine reserve in Russia. Its protected marine area is more than three million hectares, which is about the size of Belgium. The reserve is located on the Commander Islands:  on four major Islands - Bering Island, Medny Island, Toporkov Island and Ary Rock Island. It also includes more than 60 small islands and the adjacent water area of the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The Komandorsky Reserve is famous for its nature: green hills, sand dunes, tundra, ranging waters of the Pacific ocean and the Bering Sea, whales, thousands of bird colonies and grounds of seals and sea lions.


The Commander Islands. Photo by Sergey Fomenko
The Commander Islands. Photo by Sergey Fomenko

As part of the expedition program, the volunteers will be able to become part of the Komandorsky nature reserve team.  And they will help the staff to prepare tourist trails, go on routes around the island, keep records of marine mammals, and work in laboratories.

The volunteers will be able to take part in interesting events organized for them, for example, a sea trip to humpbacks, killer whales and dolphins, or excursion to Toporkov Island and Ary Rock Island. 


The Commander Islands. Photo by Sergey Fomenko
The Commander Islands. Photo by Sergey Fomenko

The Commander Islands or Komandorskie Islands is a group of four Islands located in the southwestern part of the Bering Sea and the Pacific ocean. It is one of the most remote places in Russia. The Islands are named after Vitus Bering, a voyager and explorer, who discovered them in 1741.

The organizers of the project will provide all members of the expedition with tickets for journeys to the expedition site and back, as well as accommodation. No food is provided – members will have to pay for food. 


Командорские острова. Фото предоставлено участниками экспедиции

Departure to and from the Islands depends on weather conditions, so there may be delays of up to two weeks. Exact dates of the expedition are discussed with the winners of the competitive selection.

Applications are accepted till May 20, 2018.

Visit the website for more information.