The RGS Exhibition Opened at International Army Games

Материалы этнографической комиссии РГО. Изображение из Научного архива РГО

A stand of the Russian Geographical Society was opened on August 23, at the festival of national cultures "Friendship without Borders". The festival is being held as a part of the VI International Army Games (ArIG-2020). The stand will be open until September 5.

The RGS stand is dedicated to the peoples of Russia and the activities of the Society, including in the field of ethnography. The visitors of the exhibition will see pictures of representatives of peoples from different regions of Russia, as well as traditional dwellings, costumes, and household items. The photos were taken by the participants of "The Most Beautiful Country" photo contest of the RGS. In addition, the guests will be able to get acquainted with archival materials from the Society's funds.


Семья самоедов (ненцев) на Новой земле. Автор неизвестен. Изображение из Научного архива РГО

The stand will also be equipped with a VR-cinema featuring the film "Trip across Russia. 360". The viewers of the short film will fly over the mountains of the Crimea and the Caucasus, dive into the Sea of ​​Japan, climb the volcanoes of Kamchatka and much more.

It should be noted that the volunteers of the RGS are always ready to answer all the questions of the guests of the stand.

The festival of national cultures "Friendship without Borders" is a platform for demonstrating the diversity of cultures, popularizing national folk art, and exchanging ethnographic characteristics of countries participating in the International Army Games. The festival includes organizing the work of the House of Friendship. It is the social and cultural center of the ArIG, on the territory of which exhibitions (stands) of the countries participating in the ArIG are located, master classes in applied arts are held.

In 2019, the Russian Geographical Society took part in the festival for the first time. The House of Friendship hosted a selfie zone of the RGS, as well as showed the works of the winners and finalists of "The Most Beautiful Country" photo contest of 2019.