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The Shaitan-Tau ridge in Orenburg oblast. Photo: M. Shevchenko
13 October 2014

Nature Reserve "Shaitan-Tau" in Orenburg oblast

The office of the Russian Geographical Society branch will be in this building.
07 October 2014

The office of the Society regional branch will be the educational center of Russian South

Humpback whale. Photo: Alexander Burdin and Olga Filatova
24 September 2014

St. Petersburg hosts the conference with the participation of scientists from 16 countries

Opening of the conference
23 September 2014

Scientific-practical conference in In Ulan-Ude and Kiakhta

Every year students from Taldom sow the grain in the particular zone called “Crane Field”, which attracts not only cranes in the fall, but also geese during spring migration
19 September 2014

"Crane homeland" welcomes feathery guests