Amur Leopard Decorated Transport Cards In Moscow

Дальневосточный леопард. Фото: Сергей Горшков

A photo of the Amur leopard from Primorsky Krai decorated a limited series of Moscow transport cards "Troika". The picture of the graceful predator was taken by the famous photographer Sergei Gorshkov in the “Land of the Leopard” National Park. The issue of unusual transport cards is timed to coincide with the Day of Nature Reserves and National Parks, which was recently celebrated in Russia.

On the "Troika" produced in the amount of 10 thousand pieces, you can also see a polar bear, Przewalski's horse, a white-shouldered eagle and other rare representatives of the animal world of the planet. Residents of Moscow and guests of the capital can buy transport cards of the new limited series at the "Live Communication" counters of the Moscow Metro, in souvenir shops at the Mayakovskaya and Trubnaya stations, as well as in the online store of the Moscow metro.

The author of a magnificent picture of Amur leopard, Sergei Gorshkov, will be a member of the jury of the annual international photo contest of the Russian Geographical Society "The Most Beautiful Country". Acceptance of works for the IX competition started on January 12, 2023. The winners will receive recognition and valuable prizes.

The Russian Geographical Society has been actively involved in projects to restore the Amur leopard population since 2011. Our goal is to study the state of the populations of the predator and its main prey – ungulates; as well as the development of the infrastructure of protected areas within its range.