Frequently asked questions on admission to membership of the Russian Geographical Society

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1. Who may apply for membership of the Society?

If you are over 18, you may apply for membership regardless of nationality, religion, citizenship and domicile. Public association may also join the Society if they acknowledge the Charter of the Society and promote the goals and objectives of the Society.   

2. May a foreign citizen join the Russian Geographical Society?

A citizen of any country may apply for membership of the Russian Geographical Society. But you should note that every member of the Society should participate regularly in various events organized by a regional branch of his membership. In this regards, a foreign member should be able to visit Russia regularly or stay here for a long period of time.   

3. How to join the Russian Geographical Society?

• You should read and agree to the Charter and Regulations of the Russian Geographical Society.

• Choose a regional branch you would like to join (near your residence place, if possible). You can find contacts of regional branches in the section “Regions”. Contact a chairman of the chosen regional branch or a person authorized by him by phone. 

• Complete an application form and attach your photograph (black-and-white, 4X5, on a light sole colored background, your face must take 70 to 80 percent of the whole photo, in a centered position, hats or head covering are not permitted generally).

• Pay admission fee and annual membership fees and send a document proving the payment to us. Banking details to pay fees are published on the Contacts webpage of regional branches.

• You may complete an application at the regional branch or apply online. 

4. I have applied online. What should I do next?

After submitting an application, you become an applicant for membership of the Society. You should contact a chairman of the chosen regional branch or a person authorized by him to make sure your application has been received.

All applications are reviewed by employees of the Society Executive Directorate in accordance with requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal data.

Your application will be considered at a meeting of the regional branch council that is entitled to take a decision to grant or reject the membership. Let us draw your attention to the fact that in accordance with the Society’s Charter, the Council of the regional branch may meet twice a year.

You will be informed of a decision taken by the regional branch within 30 calendar days from the date when the decision was made using contacts provided by you in the application.  You will be able pick up your membership card at the regional branch. 

5. What fees do members have to pay?

November 7, 2014, the XV Congress of the Russian Geographical Society decided that an application fee for new members should be one thousand rubles as a one-off payment; annual fees are 300 rubles per year. Please be noted that an admission fee is a one-off payment, made when you are enrolled. The annual fee for the first year is paid together with the admission fee, and then it is subject to be paid by February 1 each year.

6. How to pay an admission and membership fee?

You may pay fees to a bank account of the regional office or to the unified account of the Society (in case a regional branch you are applying to does not have its own bank account). Payment details are published on the Contacts webpage of regional branches.

Important: Make sure to provide your full name and regional office you are paying to when making a payment.  

7. What is the difference between membership of the Society and a regional branch of the Society?  

There is no difference. Membership of the Russian Geographic Society is common and uniform for all the members (Charter of the Society, Section IV, Article 6, paragraph 3). Members of the Society have equal rights and equal responsibilities. Nevertheless, all members of the Society carry out their activities as part of regional branches on the territory of the Russian Federation. Thus, by joining the Society, you join one of 85 regional branches.

8. I have a membership card but I don’t know my regional branch. How can I find it out?

All membership cards have unique numbers, and last two digits identify a code of a particular region. This code corresponds to a regional branch of the Society.

9. I have lost my membership card. How do I know its number?

Please contact the regional branch where you have received your card and request for a recovery.

10. I have a membership card of old form. Is it valid?

Membership cards of old form are valid till the end of the procedure for re-registration (31.05.2010).

11. What are the consequences of non-payment of membership fees?

November 7, 2014, the XV Congress of the Russian Geographical Society decided that if a fee remains unpaid, a procedure to exclude from membership of the Society may be initiated. Please be aware that members excluded for non-payments cannot join the Society any more