Current contests for participation in RGS projects

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Searching for archaeological artifacts, study of nature and culture of Russia and foreign countries, help to rare animals, getting acquainted with the basics of "geographical" professions - every year hundreds of volunteers have the opportunity to become participants of exciting projects of the Russian Geographical Society.

We offer to set off for archeological and geographical expeditions, volunteer environmental and educational camps in national parks and reserves, as well as to take part in foreign internships. If you would like to participate, you have to read the rules of the project of your interest, send an application for participation and pass a competitive selection.

All current contests for participation in RGS projects are presented here:

Interdisciplinary Summer School "Global Arctic"

The shift of the Russian Geographical Society "World of Discoveries" in the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean"

Thousands of applications for participation in RGS projects came from most regions of Russia, as well as from Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Great Britain, France, Canada, Ecuador, Iran, China, Nepal and other countries in 2018. The greatest interest was caused by the expeditions and the environmental camps of the Society.

More than 200 people from 11 countries took part in the RGS expeditions in 2018. For example, 90 volunteers of the Society participated in the Complex Archeological and Geographical Expedition to Study the Tunnug Kurgan in the Republic of Tyva, 15 volunteers took part in the Complex Archaeological Expedition in the Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station flooding zone, 20 volunteers set off for the Kostyonki Paleolithic Expedition. In addition to the work, volunteers visited natural and cultural sights. Each volunteer was solemnly initiated into archaeologists.

57 volunteers went to environmental and educational camps organized by the Society together with nature reserves and national parks of Russia in the summer 2018. Volunteers visited Kabardino-Balkarsky, Barguzinsky, Katunsky, Kronotsky and other reserves. Volunteers helped to equip, mark and clean up eco-trails, kept records of animals, installed fire-prevention and information boards, collected field materials for scientific work, carried out photo and video filming.

The two-week internship in Serbia was held in July 2018 for 15 activists and leaders of RGS youth clubs selected on the basis of the All-Russian Competition. The internship program includes a physical-geographical study of the Kopaonik mountain range, thematic lectures, trainings and master classes. Ten young professionals, who passed competitive selection on the RGS website, participated in an internship in China organized by the Chinese Geographical Society with the participation of the RGS in August. They studied the natural, cultural and ethnographic features of Northeast China.

In 2018, more than a thousand children took part in the annual shifts of the RGS "World of Discoveries". Children studied geography, acquired practical skills in the field, got acquainted with the activities of the Russian Geographical Society in centers "Artek", "Orlyonok", "Smena" and "Ocean" .