Current contests for participation in RGS projects

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Searching for archaeological artifacts, study of nature and culture of Russia and foreign countries, help to rare animals, getting acquainted with the basics of "geographical" professions - every year hundreds of volunteers have the opportunity to become participants of exciting projects of the Russian Geographical Society.

We offer to set off for archeological and geographical expeditions, volunteer environmental and educational camps in national parks and reserves, as well as to take part in foreign internships. If you would like to participate, you have to read the rules of the project of your interest, send an application for participation and pass a competitive selection.

All current contests for participation in RGS projects are presented here:

Take part in the "Local History Mission"

The competitive selection for the expedition of the RGS in 2023 has started

RGS invites you to an expedition to the Kuriles

RGS invites volunteers to the expedition "Secrets of the Amber Region"

Become a member of the new season of the expedition "ALSIB"

Become a participant in the second season of the DOK Expedition project