Geography for Children

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The social campaign "Geography for Children" is conducted by the Russian Geographical Society in organizations for orphans and children left without parental care in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of the action is to conduct focused work to popularize geography, preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Russia, environmental and research activities, and engaging children with environmental friendliness

Ten organizations took part in the action in 2018 – three of them were in Moscow and seven organizations were in the regions of Russia (Vologda, Tula, Ulyanovsk, Kemerovo regions, Primorsky Territory, Republic of Mordovia). The implementation of the project in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation was carried out on the basis of regional branches of the Society and Youth Clubs of the RGS.

As part of the action, educational and awareness-raising events were organized. Among them were:

• lectures on geography, ecology and related disciplines conducted by scientists, travelers, and photographers;
• geography lessons for children in an interactive way;
• geography lessons and advice on admission to the university for geographic departments for older children;
• film screenings of films shot with grant support from the Russian Geographical Society;
• workshops;
• quizzes;
• games (spills map, "Memory", "Guess the Animal").