Best Guide in Russia

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"Best Guide of Russia" is the largest video tour competition in the country among professional guides and amateurs. The project was established in 2017 by the Russian Geographical Society, «My Planet» TV Channel and Radio «Mayak». For four years on the website лучшийгид.рф has been received more than 2,400 works — the unique video tours of the most picturesque and interesting places of Russia. The best of the best were included in the TV project of the same name on "My Planet" TV Channel.

In 2023, this large-scale All-Russian action, which has no analogues in the world, is being held for the fifth time. If you sincerely love your homeland and know its sights well, you are welcome to tell us in a two-minute video about what makes your city or village, street or alley, favorite museum or park unique. The authors of the most interesting and unusual excursions will receive cash prizes, diplomas and gifts from the RGS. A guide with any experience – both professional and amateur - can become a participant in the creative competition.

The winners of the All-Russian campaign "Best Guide of Russia" in 2023 will be determined in five categories:

  • "City" (history, legends, interesting places);
  • "Museum" (events, unique expositions, historical secrets);
  • "Ecotourism" (routes, national parks, places with pristine nature);
  • "Gastronomy" (national cuisines: history and modernity);
  • "Under 18" (a category for young guides aged 12 to 18 years).

Your video can be shot in a traditional or original format: during a race along an ecological trail, kayaking, climbing a mountain peak, by a scooter, a bicycle, roller skates or on foot.

Any "people's guide" over the age of 12, a Russian citizen or a foreigner can take part in the competition. It is important that the video was shot on the territory of Russia and voiced in Russian. Any shooting and editing techniques are allowed. It's not so important whether you shoot with an expensive camera or a regular smartphone.

You can find out more about the contest “Best Guide of Russia" and upload your video on the лучшийгид.рф website.