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27 June 2021

Surface work is just beginning

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27 September 2020

The seventh season of the expedition of the RGS Underwater Research Center in the Gulf of Finland ends

Исполнительный директор Центра подводных исследований РГО Сергей Фокин и руководитель Экспедиционного центра МО РФ Евгений Бинюков. Фото предоставлено ЦПИ РГО
19 August 2020

Director of the Center talks about the activities of URC and the specific of its work

Изображение: Stichting Maritieme Schilderijen, Peter J. Sterkenburg
09 August 2020

Experts from the RGS Underwater Research Center have already found out that the merchant ship was carrying alcohol and perfume

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07 July 2020

The ship was sunk by a Soviet torpedo during the Great Patriotic War

Архивный снимок парохода "Урания". Фото предоставлено ЦПИ РГО
03 July 2020

Underwater researchers study ships that have sunk more than 100 years ago

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07 May 2020

The Center’s specialists conducted tests in the Blue Lake and shot a video of the dive in 360 ° format

29 April 2020

The ship, sunk by German aircrafts in 1941, was found in the Black Sea

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16 January 2020

The Underwater Research Center of the RGS celebrates its first anniversary - five years