Przhevalsky Silver Medal

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About the medal

 The award commemorated the famous explorer of Central Asia Nikolai Przhevalsky and was conferred exclusively on travellers and explorers. The Silver Medal was equal to the Small Gold Medal of the Society. It was awarded from 1891 till 1930 both to members and non-members of the Russian Geographical Society.

Established in


Awarded for

Exploration and study of Central Asian nature

The first recipients

In 1891, the award was conferred on K. Bogdanovich, P. Kozlov, and V. Roborovsky for their expeditions to Central Asia.

Other recipients

1892 – Nikolai Andrusov, for his travels in the Crimea, Caucasus and the Trans-Caspian region;

1895 – Yuliy  Schmidt, for his geodetic surveys in Central Asia;

1898 – Leonid  Yachevsky, for his physiographic and geological research in Siberia;

1905 – Andrei  Zhuravsky, for participation in two expeditions to the Bolshezemelskaya tundra;

1910 – Vladimir Dubiansky, for his studies of Central Asian and Central European sands;

1924 – Nikolai Urvantsev, for participation in the foundation of the transpolar city of Norilsk, as well as its mining and metallurgical combine.