Semyonov Gold and Silver Medals

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About the medals

The Imperial Russian Geographical Society instituted the Semyonov Gold Medal to commemorate Pyotr Semyonov’s great role in Society’s development and his significant contributions to geographical science. At the same time, the Society created the Semyonov Silver  Medal, which was equal to the Small Gold Medal of the Society and was awarded by the Society’s Council with the advice and approval of P. Semyonov. The medals were awarded from 1899 till 1930.

Established in


Awarded for

Exploration of Russia (primarily conferred on Russian explorers and travellers)

The first recipient

The first to get the Semyonov Gold  Medal was S. Gedin, who received the award in 1899 for the 4-year expedition to Central Asia. That same year, the Semyonov Silver Medal was conferred on M. Lyalina, for promoting geographical works of Russian travellers and explorers.

Other recipients

1906 – Pyotr  Schmidt, for his research into physiographic condition of Russian waters, primarily in the Russian Far East;

1909 – Lev  Berg, for  his achievements in physical geography, and in particular his exploration of the Aral Sea and physiographic study of the sea basin;

1910 – Gottfried Merzbacher, for his study of the Tien Shan Mountains.