Standing Environmental commission

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Chairman of the Commission


Chibilev Alexander Alexandrovich

Vice-president of the Russian Geographical Society,
Scientific Adviser of the Steppe Institute of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Science, Doctor of Geographical Sciences

According to the Charter, environmental activity is one of the main priorities of the Russian Geographical Society.

Analysis of the current natural-environmental network of Russia, development of new nature reserves, recovery of former and restoration of current protected areas and development of high-priority projects on protection of rare species inhabiting Russia are among the foremost tasks of the Commission.

Established in 1912, Standing Environmental commission of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society has laid the basis for environment protection system in Russia. Main department for land management of the Department of Agriculture of Russia, following proposals of the Commission, organized tens of expeditions to create nature reserves at the River Volga delta, the Northern Urals, Pechora Taiga, Kamchatka, Baikal region, Sayan Mountains.

The first nature reserves network development plan had become the result of the Commission’s activity and has been realized by the middle of 20th century in the USSR. Here are some examples of nature territories taken under protection because of the initiative of the Commission: Barguzinsky, Kavkazsky, Kronotsky and Sayany nature reserves, natural park “Belukha”, nature reserve “Galichia gora”.

Programs on protection of rare and endangered species including polar bear, Amur tiger, leopard, beluga whale, Przewalski’s horse function within the Commission.

Ecological volunteer initiatives – “The Enisey Day”, “Plant a tree” and “Clear shores” are held by the regional branches of the Society all over Russia.

Governance of the Society headed by president Sergey Shoigu decided to restore the Commission by its centenary anniversary. Vice-president of the Russian Geographical Society, corresponding member of the Russian academy of sciences, Doctor of geographical sciences Alexander Chibilev became the chairman of the Commission.

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