Cuisines of the Peoples of Russia

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Photo by: Sergey Meshcheryakov
Photo by: Sergey Meshcheryakov

More than 190 peoples live on the territory of Russia, and each of them has its own culinary traditions.

The composition and method of preparing dishes directly depend on the living conditions, climate and the territory of settling the people. So, near the seas and rivers people eat fish, next to the forests dominate recipes of dishes with meat, mushrooms, berries and herbs, and in the flat cereal crops are of great importance. People living in hot regions, generously use hot spices and spices in national recipes. The same dish, cooked in different parts of the country, will have its own unique flavor.

In the exhibition area "Cuisines of the Peoples of Russia" the guests of the festival could get acquainted with traditional recipes, learn the secrets and features of the preparation of national dishes, and send their favorite recipe to their mail.